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The BQTM (Brand QuotientTM) Test

Directions: Assign a score of "1" to "5" for each statement based on how true the statement is (i.e., if the statement is true 100% of the time, the score would be "5", 20 percent of the time, the score would be "1". At the end of the test, you will have the opportunity to assess your Brand Quotient for each section and as a whole. Click on results to see your scores and BQ graph.

My company's product or service has a strong point of difference from my competitors' product or service.
I can summarize my brand essence in one word and one statement – so can most of my clients (i.e., Volvo = Safety, Nike = \“Just Do it\”). If so, give yourself a 5.
The value of my product or service does not show a current threat of being outdated by new products or technologies.
I regularly review my points of differentiation to ensure that they are not being imitated by my competitors.
I have a clear understanding of my competitors' brand strength and weaknesses.
I have a plan to help my brand survive if it is imitated by competitors.
I have proprietary methods, technologies or other elements which other companies do not.
My point of differentiation is difficult for my competitors to imitate.
I am using my company's strengths to their fullest, in every level of the organization.
I am building every level of the organization - operations, finance, marketing, administration, pricing - around the brand.
My brand is linked to my business's vision statement, culture, values and overall strategy.
Employee reviews include reinforcement and rewards for supporting, communicating and championing the brand. (If you are a salesperson or a 1-man operation, give yourself a "5" for this.
My employees can articulate or demonstrate how our offering differs from the competition. (Note: if you are a salesperson or a one-man operation, rank this on how it applies to you.
My sales staff communicates our differentiation to the client in a consistent manner to show competitive advantages (Note: If you are a salesperson or a one-man operation, rank this on how it applies to you.)
Customers buy from me not just for the product but for a unique experience they get when using the product.
I regularly survey my customers to ensure that I am providing a product or service that is valuable and relevant.
I incorporate feedback from prospects, customers, vendors and the media to improve my offering.
My management team buys into the brand offering and actively incorporates it into their daily operations. (Note: If you are a salesperson or a one-man organization, rank this on how it applies to you.)
My management team makes decisions based on whether or not it will support or negate the brand. (Note: if you are a sales person or a on-man organization, rank this on how it applies to you.)
I am not the low price leader in my category.
My marketing materials clearly communicate my companies brand and points of competitive differentiation.
My company is free of scandal and negative publicity.
All marketing materials - print, electronic, web - have continuity in their colors, images, and messaging.
I leverage my brand with publicity and regular contacts with the media.
I have and enforce a graphic branding standards manual that explains how each element of my brand should be dealt with in the operation of the business (i.e., colors of logo, layout of graphics on stationery, font sizes to be used) to ensure that all graphic elements of my brand are consistent.
The quality of my marketing materials are equal to or greater than the quality of my services.
My sales team does not create or customize their materials in a way that alters the brand image or message. (Note: If you are a salesperson or a one-man operation, rate this on how it applies to you.)
My management team reinforces brand messages in their staff meetings and interactions. (Note: If you are a salesperson or one-man operation, give yourself a "5")
My messages, ads, graphics and colors have remained consistent over time, unless there was a specific change strategy in place.
My sales team uses an emotional component to encourage and reinforce use of the brand. (Note: If you are a sales person or one-man operation rate this on whether or not you employ this tactic.)
My company's phone is answered by a pleasant, knowledgeable individual who can quickly and amiably meet the caller's needs.
I understand that my brand exists only in the minds of my customers and prospects.
My company resolves customer service issues promptly and efficiently to the client's satisfaction.
I regularly receive superior customer satisfaction ratings when I survey my customers.
I keep my offerings relevant by keeping up with technology, market shifts and customer needs.
My company’s products are delivered consistently regardless of whether they are accessed on the web or in person.
My client's interaction with my product, services and employees is positive, unique and memorable.
My product or service is easy to use, find or access.
My clients regularly refer others to my company.
My clients use my brand consistently and do not flip back and forth between me and my competitors.

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