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The BQTM (Brand QuotientTM) Test

Directions: Assign a score of "1" to "5" for each statement based on how true the statement is (i.e., if the statement is true 100% of the time, the score would be "5", 20 percent of the time, the score would be "1". At the end of the test, you will have the opportunity to assess your Brand Quotient for each section and as a whole. Click on results to see your scores and BQ graph.

I have a specific quality that sets me apart from others in my field. (i.e. I am a sports physician that has a background as a professional athlete)
I have clearly and specifically identified what I want to “be famous for” in my career. (i.e., I want to be famous for being a personal coach for women business owners)
The value of my services/skill set is difficult for others to imitate (i.e. I am a piano instructor with a degree from Juilliard and 20 years experience)
I have a clear understanding of the gap between how I want to be perceived and how others actually perceive me. (i.e., I am currently seen as an accountant in my company but I want to be seen for my creativity and will need to make changes to get that perception)
I regularly review and improve my skills set to ensure that I am staying different and a step ahead of new competitors and others pursuing the same business/position I am pursuing. (i.e., I stay up to date on new issues in my field, read appropriate books and periodicals and align myself with appropriate networking groups.)
I have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of those competing against me. (i.e., my competitor does not have as much experience as I do)
I have a Plan B if someone similar to me is competing for the same goal (i.e., I am competing with a colleague for a promotion to a senior management position and we both have similar college degrees. For that reason, I will make sure I emphasize that I have a certification in human resources as well)
I have proven results or case studies that support my point of differentiation (i.e., people lose 30% more weight when using my nutritional consulting services that they do with standard nutritional consultants or I have helped increase sales in my company 20% every year for three years)
I am using my strengths to their fullest by demonstrating them whenever appropriate (i.e., I am a marketing consultant that speaks regularly to company CEOs, I write a blog on building businesses, and have written three white papers on strategic marketing).
I am building on my personal point of differentiation in every way, by behaving in a way that is consistent for the position I am seeking. (i.e., I am an image consultant and wears the latest fashion trends, have excellent business etiquette skills and send out a monthly newsletter to help others improve their image)
My personal image is consistent with my values, cultures and defined pursuit. (i.e., I am a vegetarian and will not consult with companies that sell meat, leather products or conduct animal testing)
I consistently deliver on my promises to others.
I can articulate in a compelling sentence or two how I differ from those against whom I compete. (i.e., I am the only person in my company with a certification in Project Planning)
I can convincingly demonstrate how I differ from those I am competing against. (I can demonstrate my speaking skills to compete for a position as corporate spokesperson for my company)
I have the necessary education and/or appropriate training to do my job. ( I have a degree in business from UCLA and am applying for a management position at my company , or am starting my own business consulting practice)
I listen to, encourage and incorporate feedback from others without getting defensive if the feedback is negative.
My friends and colleagues have a clear understanding of my strengths or offerings and refer me to those who might benefit from them. (i.e., my friends know that I am an event planner and often refer people to me that need my services)
I act in a manner that is consistent with my natural behavior. (i.e., I am an extrovert and provide spirited networking mixers to promote my business)
I make decisions based on whether or not they will support or negate the image I am pursuing. (i.e., I do not take on clients or projects that will take me away from my core specialty, such as a residential real estate agent taking on a complex commercial property listing)
When someone makes me an offer that is not acceptable, I make an effort to negotiate a win-win for both parties.
I work with mentors or personal coaches to help me to be more effective at my job and at creating the perception I desire.
My reputation is excellent and free of scandal.
I am consistent in how I present myself and do not give mixed messages. (i.e. People know what to expect from me and I give them what they expect. )
I express to at least five people per week my specific needs and goals in case they are able to give me direction or connect me with the right contacts. (i.e., “I’m interested in starting a dog-walking business - is there anyone you know that might need my services?)
I can project confidence in what I am doing even when I am uncertain of myself. (i.e., at a networking event, I introduce myself to others with a firm handshake and a smile even though it’s difficult for me to approach people).
I take my audience into account and speak in a way that resonates most with them and helps support their confidence in my abilities.
The content of what I say is accurate – I do not “fake” my way through discussions by guessing or embellishing.
I have shown consistency in appearance, speaking and focus on my area of expertise for at least 1 year.
I connect with people on an emotional level by sharing stories about myself and my experiences. Others have an accurate sense of who I am.
People often confide in me because they know I will respect their information and hold it in the highest confidence.
My behavior consistently demonstrates what I want to be known for whether in person, on the phone, via email, or on my social media pages/websites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
I understand that other people’s perception of me – even if they are wrong – carries more weight than who I really am, and work hard to ensure that their perception of me is accurate. (i.e., if I am shy but people perceive me as aloof, they will treat me based on their perceptions)
If I have a disagreement with someone, I resolve it as quickly as possible and ensure the other party feels that they have been heard and understood.
I am so passionate for my work that I often joke that I would still do it even if I didn’t get paid.
I keep on top of the latest trends and technology or new developments in the position that I am pursuing.
When I speak with someone, I make them feel important by remembering their name, details about them and showing a genuine interest in who they are and giving them genuine complements or feedback.
I am easy to approach and work with.
People express a high level satisfaction with the work that I do.
I tend to keep in touch with friends and colleagues throughout the years.
I have received awards, acknowledgements or milestones that show expertise in my area of interest.

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