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“I just want to say once again how impressed and pleased I was to be in your audience at GLAC (Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association.) You were a pro and your presentation was valuable, distinctive and well delivered. I got many good ideas from you.”

Jim Cathcart, Speaker, Consultant, Author of 14 Books including “The Acorn Principal” and founder of The Cathcart Institute, Inc.— after hearing Sandra speak on branding at a conference to replace a keynote that didn’t show.  She was given five minutes’ notice before “showtime."

"Recently, I heard Sandra Sellani speak in Palm Springs.  Another speaker missed his time slot and on just a few minute’s notice, she stepped up to the plate, as a pinch hitter and hit a home run.  Sandra did an excellent job presenting and communicating her expertise on branding."



Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines
Author of:  "The Winds of Turbulence"

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